New to the Game


Children are gifts, to parents and those around them.

– Cora Groenewald

And above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.  Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

– Roald Dahl

Becoming a mother changed my perspective, attitude, and experience of life as well as its possibilities, extremely and completely.

I am still amazed, daily on how easy children find the wonder in the world.  New experiences overwhelm them, in good and bad ways.  Little hands and little feet.

Effortless they find the wonder in the world, everything is big in their eyes.  Children are extremely resilient, yet somehow we lose that gift, to be amazed by the world, to bounce back, in the journey we call “growing up”.

When I made the decision to become a children’s author, this was the reason. I want to find the simplicity, the wonder in the world again. To me, it was in telling stories.  Escaping to a world that is completely your own, only now I can share it with the next generation.

Maybe, just maybe, we can encourage them to fly, to see the endless possibilities that this beautiful life offers, to find it in others stories, experiences.  It is only when we stand in another’s shoes when we see the world through their eyes, then we really understand, or are at least a little closer to share their wonder.

One thing that I learned in motherhood, is this; life is what you make it.  What you decide to do with what you have.

Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, in other words, if you can find the beauty, it is eventually in everything.  It might ask for some sacrifices, in the sense of dying in yourself, giving up selfishness, negativity, to choose to go for the ride, good and when bad, get off and get out. If you can’t ask humanity for help.

Let us find the wonder again, through the eyes of children.

The reason I write is to share the wonder, the story, the love that caught my heart.  A person that might need some magic, some wonder to fill their lives, that can give a little hope to carry on to see the wonder they never knew they had.  This is what captured me when I read others’ stories. Now, I want to be that person that can ignite another’s heart with wonder and grace.

So, I am proud to call myself a new Indie Author (independent author).

Let’s take a ride!  See how this publishing game goes.  (Not a game, actually serious about publishing)

Till later.

Cora Groenewald (Corne)



Something for the picky eater

Moms, you have heard it all.  It is just a phase, he/she will get over it or the other side of the spectrum will tell that you should not allow them to tell you what they want to eat or not.  As the parent you have the authority and the little one should submit to you.

But, we all know the true gospel.  A three year old knows what he/she wants and it can become a difficult task to get your little angel to eat if they keep on refusing your food.  A mother’s heart caves eventually and compassion takes over, anything for the little one to eats just something.

So here is what I tried tonight, and it worked since my two toddlers, two and three years old, didn’t have much of an appetite the past two weeks.  So my heart yodeled a song of joy when they cleared their plates and asked for more.

Bonus points for mom because it was all natural and healthy.




Some fruit, avocado and strawberries (vitamins and natural fats) as well as peanut butter and syrup (natural sugar and brain food).


Add chicken nuggets (baked in the oven) with apple. Mmmm…. tasty and healthy.

If the little ones are thirsty you can offer them a glass of water, milk or flavoured vitamin water.

Blessings and enjoy!!!




via Daily Prompt: Caper

SO, this is the challenge from WordPress today.

They call it a daily prompt; you get a word and participate in writing a post about it.

Capers remind of good people in life.  Not by deeds or popularity, nor status or personality.  Capers are herbs used to add flavour to recipes, preparing food and causing it to manifest in a way that it is delicious, colourful, beautiful.

This dish that was created, nourishes the body, gives pleasure to the tongue.

So are people, they give flavour to my life, by who they are, the rhythm of their heart connects to yours and you find the same beat, same melody.  Then, it is good, to the mind, to the heart, body and soul.

Capers are really good and effective when they are pickled.  Like an old wine. Time, life savoured it for a season, for a reason.

Like is, people are to me.  Savoured and pickled, good to my soul, my life and heart.

Thank you life for Capers.


Blessings Corne

The Journey…..

Welcome to my journey.  I am a new author and extremely excited about everything that is happening as well as the support has been phenomenal.

Writing has always been a dream of mine, a far, impossible and unfathomable.   Yet, here we are.  All the credit to my beloved husband and friend, Aldo Groenewald who dared to challenge me to chase this dream.

My love, the challenge has been accepted. I invite you to enjoy this journey that I am undertaking.  Weekly I will post blogs in which I will share where in the process the book is and what the next stage will be.

An enormous thank you to fabulous family and friends for all your love and support in this experience.




Well, this is what I wrote in July 2017, before my journey took off as an author.  There are many reasons authors write, some write for personal gain, some write for the thrill of it, some to make an actual difference some because they have a voice, and some to make a difference or to just make some money.

The reason I write is because I believe I have a voice and the other I want to make an actual difference.  Many may read my book or books, maybe just one child, but that child might be filled with hope, love and motivation, a message to carry on.

What does the journey hold for 2018?  Who knows, as long as my message of love, hope and grace finds someone’s heart, then I am blessed and have accomplished my mission.

Thank you for your support, for spreading the word and if you want me to share my books, as well as that of my fellow authors then you can contact me and I will drop you a mail.

In the meantime you can follow me here:


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Blessings until next time and have fun reading.