Interview with a 3-year-old​

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash Before I became a parent, my friends and family used to tell me how entertaining a conversation with a three-year-old can be.  Apparently, if you’re having a hard or emotional day, a three-year-old is just what you need.  Beats any psychologist any day.  Today was my turn to learnContinue reading “Interview with a 3-year-old​”

Children’s Indie Book Tour (Mommy Monday) some inspiration for the holidays.

To all of our supporters and sponsors, this post is long overdue.  But here we go! If you haven’t heard about the Reading Road Show, well, let me enlighten you and simultaneously, delight you!  Mommies, teachers, and grandmothers, here we go! For the next couple of weeks, leading into the holidays and festive season, IContinue reading “Children’s Indie Book Tour (Mommy Monday) some inspiration for the holidays.”

Support local authors and share a review

This new path that  I am undertaking is exciting and seems glamorous.  But it is exactly the opposite.  I do what I do to make a difference, to be the difference I need in this world.  It is easy to ask everyone around us to change to our ‘high standards’ and unmet expectations.  We needContinue reading “Support local authors and share a review”