Interview with a 3-year-old​


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Before I became a parent, my friends and family used to tell me how entertaining a conversation with a three-year-old can be.  Apparently, if you’re having a hard or emotional day, a three-year-old is just what you need.  Beats any psychologist any day.  Today was my turn to learn this inarguable truth.

So, I had an interview with my 3-year-old daughter today.  I must say, it was a quaint and unique experience.  I find it quite hard to explain.    Quaint and authentic are too poor of a word choice to describe the in-depth discussion we had.  Shall I continue?

Obviously, being the mom, I had to keep my cool and act together.  She was extremely cute and serious about the whole matter.  So, I acted accordingly, as she expected me to,  professional and attentive to her advise.

I asked her what are her three favorite things to do in or around Johannesburg.  Her answers, I thought would be straightforward.


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“Mom, you know, I like the Birds Garden at Montecasino, the most.”  She said, very proud of her answer.

“Why?” I asked.  Expecting a short and straightforward answer.  Well, she literally blew the socks off my feet.  With her witty, innocent smile and ocean blue eyes, she said.

“Mom, we can watch the show, view the birds and play afterward.  Oh, yeah, Mom.  I forgot that we can have lunch at the restaurant too.”  She said with her beautiful cheery smile.  She melts me, literally, all of me when she looks at me with admiration and curiosity in her eyes.

“Oh, really, darling?  What’s your number two then?”  I asked as I pulled out a pencil to jot her answer down as she reminded me that we are having an interview and I have to take her seriously.



Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

“Mmmm…” She said, peeping out the window.  I waited for a minute or two until she showed me with her cute little index finger that I should write down what she says.

So, I smiled and jotted down every word she said.  It’s extremely entertaining when she is all serious and pretending to be all grown up.  I wonder sometimes how beautiful life can be with her.  She already makes every moment spectacular, breathtaking and witty.

“Mom, I think the Zoo, should be number two.”  She smiled.  Waiting for me to ask her why.  I am starting to understand why a three-year-old is an excellent listener. And so we did the Zoo, and it was fun, fabulous and hot. Ending the day with an ice cold ice cream rewards all the walking in the sun and adding some sugar for the last stretch to walk to the car. Let me just point out that a three-year-old doesn’t do much after she realized that she is now tired.


Photo by Pixabay @ Pexels

Finally, I was awaiting the third place in Joburg my three-year-old thought to be fun and amusing at her age. Staring at her, my heart leaped with the realization that my little star is growing up to become a well informed and independent girl. Which, inevitably, is what I want, but for now, I wish that she will just stay little for just a while longer.

“Mommy.” She finally says.

“Yes, darling.” I wonder what she’s about to say.

“You know what, I like to jump a lot. So, let’s put Bounce on the list.” With a smile that lights up a room, she pretends to write it down on a piece of paper. Witty and smart, too cute for words. My heart only melts at the sight of her.

So, mommies, there you have from the mouth of a three-year-old. The top three destinations in Johannesburg according to a three-year-old.

A few last words from me, cherish your children and spend every moment with love and joy. Pursue to see the world through their eyes.


Cora Groenewald

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An authentic children's author, excited about life, writing and love children. She is a mother of two beautiful children and currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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