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Being a children’s author is a dream come true, but it does take work and networking, convincing schools and parents that your book is of value and will add to their children’s world of wonder.  This is probably the best part, reading to the children and seeing the wonder and amazement on their faces of a new world unfolding.

Many of us, no most of South Africans have seen the stats regarding reading and literacy in our country.  Not only is it shocking but it is inevitably our fault.  Authors and parents. A child should not read his first book the day he goes to school.  Neither should he be fed technology and TV games before he can talk.  We don’t see it now and think, it is entertainment and actually innocent.  The ability to read opens the limitless possibilities of their minds.  Especially in our beautiful country today.  It is not only mere enough to qualify with a magic certificate and complete a four-year degree.

As South Africans, we need not only to think out of the box, but we need to live outside of the box.  The mind, beautiful mind has given us life through the gift of imagination.  Take for instance the famous South African author, Jann Weeratunga, who through her pirate series inspires so many children that if you are different, it is wonderful and even though it might be challenging, there is a place for your beautiful soul and mind in this world.  It also teaches us that our friends and family of paraplegic people to be inspired and loved because they face life head on, believing nothing can stop them from doing and achieving their dreams.  We learn this through books, the stories of others.

Another author is Christina Harman and Fatuma Abdullah.  They are both “little people’s” authors.  What I mean is that they write for the pre-schoolers.  But they can’t read, you say!  Yeah, that is exactly what I am saying.  We, you and me, are the parents, the grandparents and we are the ones to start the trend, the love and fun there is in finding your own story in the pages of a book.

Fatuma’s books take you on a journey through South Africa and culture.  It is lovely and adventurous, more than enough to make a little reader an adamant one in the future.  Christina takes children into the world of animals, what they look like, what they sound like with an amazing animated collage book with illustrations of the animals with their names.

Robbie Cheadle takes the children onto a culinary adventure where fondant cake figures come to life and you get lost in their world of sweets.  At the end of each story, there is a recipe or two that turns your little reader into a Masterchef.

Sabine’s book, the Moonling tells the story about the first moon landing that occurred in  1969.  Beautiful pictures show the reader what the first spacecraft looked like, the first spaceship launch, original equipment and gear used and then this little piece of rock comes to life and tells a little boy all about the moon.

Soraya Hendricks is another brilliant author who warns children about that friendly stranger and to listen to mom and dad when we try to keep them safe.  But is soo much more than that?  The book is aimed at the middle school reader and takes them on an unforgettable adventure, into a new world and infuses the imagination with characters from beyond this world.  A good read indeed.

Why am I writing about other authors?  Why not myself or international authors?  Good! I thought you would never ask.  These are some of the top South African authors that take this beautiful country and the children of our rainbow nations very serious.  They are zealous and ambitions.  We, together with Kim Hunter and a few other authors, took this job seriously and started the Reading Road Show.  Actually, it is the baby of Jann Weeratunga and Kim Hunter, but we joined forces and we need you and your school to invite us to get in there.  We read the books and stories we have written, we act it out and make the children to fall in love with books, stories, to find their imagination.

The most powerful tool and gift that you can ever give your kid is love, true, but to unlock their imagination is love.  You as the parent, the grandparent enable them to find a way in another world when life gets a bit rough, to run somewhere and seek answers when this world seems a little vague and unclear.

The amazing, beautiful minded authors of this beautiful country carry the love, the culture, the compassion, adventure and imagination with them and put it all in a magic book, a tool, a treasure for your child to find and be enlightened.  Be enriched and encouraged to live this beautiful life, because not only will they be inspired but it will show and flow to those around them.

We need the support and help of schools, teachers, principals, parents, grandparents, anyone who can read.  Please support the Reading Road Show.  For further information feel free to contact the authors or the organizers personally or you can leave a comment below.

We also support underprivileged schools and raise funds and sponsorships so donate books to these schools.  Our aim is to give the power back to the children.  So if they don’t have a library, we build them one and fill it with books. We would also like to sponsor books and literacy tools to a teacher so they can excel in their school and class.

If you know about schools like this in Johannesburg, please drop me a name or link.

Today I am leaving my books out because I feel the need to support these amazing authors.  I am the author of the Salome and Gogo series which is at Skoobs and love books, soon to be in Cape Town and other retail outlets.  Drop me a message if you would like to know more.

Have fabulous week peeps and moms.  Remember, reading allows you to also spend time with your children in today’s rushed lifestyle.  It enables you to learn to know your child, to have a little view of the world through their eyes, and that is the most beautiful gift to me.

Love, love……


Author info:

Jann Weeratunga.

Cora Groenewald.

Soraya Hendricks.

Christina Harman.

Fatuma Abdullah.

Robbie Cheadle.

Sabine Lechmacher




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