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This new path that  I am undertaking is exciting and seems glamorous.  But it is exactly the opposite.  I do what I do to make a difference, to be the difference I need in this world.  It is easy to ask everyone around us to change to our ‘high standards’ and unmet expectations.  We need to be the change we want to see in the world.  This, unfortunately, is easier said than done, but I believe if you care enough, then it is worth it.

A wise man once said, if you really want to do something, if you care enough to do that something you want to.  Then you will make time for that thing.  Whatever it is.  This is the same with everything in life.  Your dreams, losing weight, being a good writer, a mother, a father, a friend.  Whatever that important thing might that feeds your soul.

I always wanted to be a mother, above a career.  And I am so blessed to be able to do that and be that.  But, motherhood is not easy, I had to grow up fast.  I had to realize just how selfish I was, that I need to set aside my desires for a while because this little precious human needs me.  This is my journey and my experience that I choose to share with you.  Whether you are a career woman and mother or stay at home mother.  Life, marriage and everything else costs you something.  Time, energy etc.

Being an author, and a mother, there is not much time for writing.  But I will never have these moments again and I do make some time for both.  The thing is we romanticize being an author or novelist.  And that is correct.  You are in for the long hall.  Most successful multi bestseller authors, only get discovered by their third or fifth book.  Like they call an ABC writer.  Apply but to the chair.  Write and write and write.  Keep on until you find your style.  Patience and more patience and find the reader to read your book and then spread the news.  You need a team.  Whether you are an Indie author or traditional author.  Get readers, get an editor, a cover artist, proofread and edit some more and write some more and edit some more.  You need professionals to help you even if you are the best author on earth.

You also need to find your audience.  Also, write for yourself, if you will read your own book, then you will probably find someone who will also read it.  Your readers are just as important as writing the book.  In the end, as a successful author, you want your book to end up in the hands of the reader.  Another thing that you can contemplate doing, gives the book away as a gift to a few readers, but ask a review in return.

Let me tell you a little story.  Jann Weeratunga and I visited Assumption Convent School in Germiston, about a week ago.  One girl struggled to read and therefore was not very fond of reading.  So, Jann spoke to a little bit, sharing about the wonder of reading and finding your own imagination, making the story what you thought it to be.

Needless to say, towards the end of the afternoon, she dragged her mother to our table and her mom bought the whole set.  The Polly series.   Jann also asked her to do a review for her once she is done with the books.  The following afternoon, we were there again, on our post.  The same girl ran to Jann’s table, and excitedly explained that she is halfway through the first book and she will be delighted to do a review for her.  This girl, beautiful and confident, was too ashamed to read and to share stories with others.  Within a day, a total change was evident.   To others, this might seem like a small thing, but to us authors, it makes it worthwhile.  We feel that what we are doing is important and word by word, page by page, we will build confidence and change lives.

So, mom, dad, grandparents, when you buy a book, leave a review.  We ask kindly.

Thanks for reading.  Until next time, Salome and Gogo love.


Cora Groenewald

Published by authorcoragroenewald

An authentic children's author, excited about life, writing and love children. She is a mother of two beautiful children and currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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