Something for the picky eater

Moms, you have heard it all.  It is just a phase, he/she will get over it or the other side of the spectrum will tell that you should not allow them to tell you what they want to eat or not.  As the parent you have the authority and the little one should submit to you.

But, we all know the true gospel.  A three year old knows what he/she wants and it can become a difficult task to get your little angel to eat if they keep on refusing your food.  A mother’s heart caves eventually and compassion takes over, anything for the little one to eats just something.

So here is what I tried tonight, and it worked since my two toddlers, two and three years old, didn’t have much of an appetite the past two weeks.  So my heart yodeled a song of joy when they cleared their plates and asked for more.

Bonus points for mom because it was all natural and healthy.




Some fruit, avocado and strawberries (vitamins and natural fats) as well as peanut butter and syrup (natural sugar and brain food).


Add chicken nuggets (baked in the oven) with apple. Mmmm…. tasty and healthy.

If the little ones are thirsty you can offer them a glass of water, milk or flavoured vitamin water.

Blessings and enjoy!!!



Published by authorcoragroenewald

An authentic children's author, excited about life, writing and love children. She is a mother of two beautiful children and currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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