The Journey…..

Welcome to my journey.  I am a new author and extremely excited about everything that is happening as well as the support has been phenomenal.

Writing has always been a dream of mine, a far, impossible and unfathomable.   Yet, here we are.  All the credit to my beloved husband and friend, Aldo Groenewald who dared to challenge me to chase this dream.

My love, the challenge has been accepted. I invite you to enjoy this journey that I am undertaking.  Weekly I will post blogs in which I will share where in the process the book is and what the next stage will be.

An enormous thank you to fabulous family and friends for all your love and support in this experience.




Well, this is what I wrote in July 2017, before my journey took off as an author.  There are many reasons authors write, some write for personal gain, some write for the thrill of it, some to make an actual difference some because they have a voice, and some to make a difference or to just make some money.

The reason I write is because I believe I have a voice and the other I want to make an actual difference.  Many may read my book or books, maybe just one child, but that child might be filled with hope, love and motivation, a message to carry on.

What does the journey hold for 2018?  Who knows, as long as my message of love, hope and grace finds someone’s heart, then I am blessed and have accomplished my mission.

Thank you for your support, for spreading the word and if you want me to share my books, as well as that of my fellow authors then you can contact me and I will drop you a mail.

In the meantime you can follow me here:


follow me on Instagram corneauthor & twitter @cora_groenewald


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Blessings until next time and have fun reading.

Published by authorcoragroenewald

An authentic children's author, excited about life, writing and love children. She is a mother of two beautiful children and currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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