In Hiding

When I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an author, I never thought that I would be proven wrong on the matter. Some of my author friends told me that there would be days that I wouldn’t want to leave my cave. I thought, ‘what are you talking about?’.

I’ve always been a hybrid between an introvert and extrovert. But I prefer to go out and talk about books, anything books, tells stories, visit schools. All the things that any author thinks about. The first year and a half of being an author and selling books comprised of all of the above. Networking, being present, letting kids see you, talk when invited, be online, take pictures to prove you were there, etc. And I sold a lot of books. But then something went wrong. Very wrong. At least in my new career path. It’s different and very personal for every author.


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Caught up in the freedom, hard work and discipline of being an author, reality hits hard when you’ve got to pay the bills. And this is many author’s reality. Although we are artists and we love what we do, we aim for a higher goal, supporting reading groups, building libraries, talking and doing workshops for free. We also need to provide for ourselves and loved ones. We did leave it all behind to pursue this, to trigger and paint readers’ imaginations with wonder, creating an escape for the trapped, a refuge for the lost, a platform for the voiceless, bravery for the scared. We give hope to those who want to do the same.

So, I found my own cave. My butt stuck to a chair for hours on end, challenging my own imagination’s boundaries and creativity.


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Yet, when a hobby, a talent, something that was as easy as breathing, becomes a job, a must-do, somehow that muse goes into hiding. Mine went stubborn, like a three-year-old throwing an endless tantrum. As I decided to write YA under a pen name, my children’s muse wasn’t impressed at all. Abandoned and thrown to the side, it took some convincing and pleading that the one wasn’t to replace the other but to co-work, pushing ideas to the extreme, becoming a true artist in my own right.


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I’m the happiest in my cave, I found. There I’m a child again, where I can tell stories, a dream of a happy place where smiles and rainbows live. Here I want to create a world where an angry child can find his peace, a sad one a heart that loves him, a dreamer to find the wonder again, the inquisitive to invent the next best thing.


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We all need a lot of wonder, to live, to find to give, what life needs. So, when I disappear for a while, you’ll find me in hiding, creating a world where you can escape to, child and adult, all on their own, where they’re untouchable, unconquerable, brave and happy.

I hope to find you there, and when we do meet, do remember to send me a happy wave and smile.


Happy Reading.





Interview with a 3-year-old​


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Before I became a parent, my friends and family used to tell me how entertaining a conversation with a three-year-old can be.  Apparently, if you’re having a hard or emotional day, a three-year-old is just what you need.  Beats any psychologist any day.  Today was my turn to learn this inarguable truth.

So, I had an interview with my 3-year-old daughter today.  I must say, it was a quaint and unique experience.  I find it quite hard to explain.    Quaint and authentic are too poor of a word choice to describe the in-depth discussion we had.  Shall I continue?

Obviously, being the mom, I had to keep my cool and act together.  She was extremely cute and serious about the whole matter.  So, I acted accordingly, as she expected me to,  professional and attentive to her advise.

I asked her what are her three favorite things to do in or around Johannesburg.  Her answers, I thought would be straightforward.


Photo by

“Mom, you know, I like the Birds Garden at Montecasino, the most.”  She said, very proud of her answer.

“Why?” I asked.  Expecting a short and straightforward answer.  Well, she literally blew the socks off my feet.  With her witty, innocent smile and ocean blue eyes, she said.

“Mom, we can watch the show, view the birds and play afterward.  Oh, yeah, Mom.  I forgot that we can have lunch at the restaurant too.”  She said with her beautiful cheery smile.  She melts me, literally, all of me when she looks at me with admiration and curiosity in her eyes.

“Oh, really, darling?  What’s your number two then?”  I asked as I pulled out a pencil to jot her answer down as she reminded me that we are having an interview and I have to take her seriously.



Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

“Mmmm…” She said, peeping out the window.  I waited for a minute or two until she showed me with her cute little index finger that I should write down what she says.

So, I smiled and jotted down every word she said.  It’s extremely entertaining when she is all serious and pretending to be all grown up.  I wonder sometimes how beautiful life can be with her.  She already makes every moment spectacular, breathtaking and witty.

“Mom, I think the Zoo, should be number two.”  She smiled.  Waiting for me to ask her why.  I am starting to understand why a three-year-old is an excellent listener. And so we did the Zoo, and it was fun, fabulous and hot. Ending the day with an ice cold ice cream rewards all the walking in the sun and adding some sugar for the last stretch to walk to the car. Let me just point out that a three-year-old doesn’t do much after she realized that she is now tired.


Photo by Pixabay @ Pexels

Finally, I was awaiting the third place in Joburg my three-year-old thought to be fun and amusing at her age. Staring at her, my heart leaped with the realization that my little star is growing up to become a well informed and independent girl. Which, inevitably, is what I want, but for now, I wish that she will just stay little for just a while longer.

“Mommy.” She finally says.

“Yes, darling.” I wonder what she’s about to say.

“You know what, I like to jump a lot. So, let’s put Bounce on the list.” With a smile that lights up a room, she pretends to write it down on a piece of paper. Witty and smart, too cute for words. My heart only melts at the sight of her.

So, mommies, there you have from the mouth of a three-year-old. The top three destinations in Johannesburg according to a three-year-old.

A few last words from me, cherish your children and spend every moment with love and joy. Pursue to see the world through their eyes.


Cora Groenewald

Children’s Indie Book Tour (Mommy Monday) some inspiration for the holidays.

20180618_185227To all of our supporters and sponsors, this post is long overdue.  But here we go!

If you haven’t heard about the Reading Road Show, well, let me enlighten you and simultaneously, delight you!  Mommies, teachers, and grandmothers, here we go! For the next couple of weeks, leading into the holidays and festive season, I will take you on an adventure!  So, kick off your shoes and journey with us!  And, please remember that if you and your school wants to get involved, please follow the links below to contact us so that we can spread the love and magic at your school too.

A few children’s authors were on a Book Tour, correction, Indie Book Tour to the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  Jann Weeratunga, myself and Evadeen Brickwood went on a road trip to visit schools in the beautiful East London, Grahamstown and P.E.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit P.E. (Nelson Mandela Bay) due to protests and burning tires on the highway.  But, and this is a big but that I will keep to the end because it’s a good one! Believe you me!

Evadeen Brickwood, an award-winning author and Jann Weeratunga, loved and inspiring children’s author hit the road, before sunrise on a Sunday morning.  Two brave women, driving down to East London, and various towns, to share their stories and inspirations with the youth.  We can’t expect the youth to do things we yearn for them to do if they don’t have anyone to mimic.

Myself, was fortunate enough to fly down since I literally could only join them for three days and a half because I’m a full-time Mom of two beautiful toddlers.  In all honesty, it’s one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done. But it brought us even closer

If you haven’t heard about the Reading Road Show, well, let me enlighten you and simultaneously, delight you!  Mommies, teachers, and grandmothers, here we go! For the next couple of weeks, leading into the holidays and festive season, I will take you on an adventure!  So, kick off your shoes and journey with us!  And, please remember that if you and your school wants to get involved, please follow the links below to contact us so that we can spread the love and magic at your school too.

This is a teaser and introduction to the book tour and I am going to take you on a virtual book tour.  Sharing the laughs and successes, as well as the frustrations and bonds, friendships we built and beautiful strangers we met.

We literally bombarded Algoa Fm, because they almost canceled a scheduled interview with us.  Come to think about it, it was fun and so spontaneous.  Jann Weeratunga even entertained the staff with Polly the parrot.  But,  a little more about that next time.  Enjoy the rest of the week and Mommies, remember, you are more than enough and your love is powerful and resilient.


Cora xoxo


Do words make a difference?

What type of question is this, you might ask.  A valid one, I would say, but coming from an author, it does seem somewhat strange.  Words are like the bricks in my life.  Sometimes they build a solid foundation and other times, they crack and break away.  But, I believe we all agree that they have a mystical power that mankind still have to unravel.

To a writer or author, words are the essence of our existence.  It is the only way that we are able to express ourselves at our deepest level.  Take a musician for example; every note flows into a river of harmony that speaks to millions around the globe regarding the  same topic, evoking the same emotion.  Magic?  No, it is an universal language that we all understand and share and connect through.  So, it is the same with words.  As an author, I find a way to connect with a certain crowd that resonates to me, to my soul and I would like to share an important enlightening moment or message with them.  Within this message I create a world to where they can escape to and find hope, life or whatever they have a lack of in the natural world.  Once they find it, they experience it and it becomes a part of them again, resting in the soul, bearing the essence of life.  There is power in the tongue, good and evil.  In this world that I create, I hope to leave some hope for the lost, for I know what a lonely soul feels like, how hopeless you are when in this buys hustle and bustle world we live in, no soul takes notice of the hurt and pain, the signs are there. Yet, they turn a blind eye.

My desire is that my words might heal, might give them wings to take flight over their situation and pain, to see that somewhere over the hill the future does bring light again, laughter and purpose.  That, beyond that hill, a crowd is standing and cheering them on to carry on, that they are almost there and to see the relief, delight and realisation of victory!  And that I am standing in the front, yearning to be the first to greet them, to congratulate them on completing the journey.  Whispering in his or her ear that this too is possible in the real world and that if they could face their fears in my world, they are knights and hero’s in the real world.

See, books might be just empty words and many pages of nothingness to most people, but to some it is power, wisdom and vision that they too can face the real demons and fears of this world.  For those who are brave enough to finish the book, the journey, that at the end they too get a reward.  The victory to transcend it from their fantasy to their reality and that someone journeyed the same path and won the battle, that they too can make it through.  In every word, coming from my finger tips, is every word engraved in endless love, thought through and hoped to find a heart to inspire.

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write” – Martin Luther

Most authors have a message to share, a life to change, a truth to tell, and they do it in such a fashion that it represents mankind on a universal level.

“Writing is the painting of the voice” – Voltaire

But here’s one of my favourites and it says it all in one go, where I struggle to.             “One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world” – Malala Yousafzai

Authors have to ponder on their thoughts, write and re-write to make is sound and feel the way it ought to, to hit the target, bulls eye.  This is the only way to have an impact, to start a movement.  Books ought to sell themselves, wise words from a dear friend of mine and children’s author.

Have I convinced you so far?  Not, well, words start wars and they end them too.  Words bind marriages and end them as well.  You lay bricks day by day in the character and soul of your children, so choose wisely what you say, pause and think about what you are about to say, because once it is said, it is going to take a lot to make it undone.

Use your words wisely, because it can either build someone up, encourage them to be the best person aspiring to live life to the fullest.  Or, it can break down, hurt and injure a precious heart.  Eventually have life altering consequence.

Be the hero to a friend, be compassionate and kind.  It doesn’t cost much, so make the effort, think about what you do and say, be conscious about the person sharing the house or car with you, the classroom or workspace.  Sharing some love and kindness won’t hurt anyone.  And a compassionate household, creates a compassionate community that will eventually spill over to the world around us and so forth.

I bid you a kind and loving week wherein you may experience all the good that life can give, but also realise that you might be the giver during this week.


Cora XXX

Making the SWITCH

Being a children’s author is a dream come true, but it does take work and networking, convincing schools and parents that your book is of value and will add to their children’s world of wonder.  This is probably the best part, reading to the children and seeing the wonder and amazement on their faces of a new world unfolding.

Many of us, no most of South Africans have seen the stats regarding reading and literacy in our country.  Not only is it shocking but it is inevitably our fault.  Authors and parents. A child should not read his first book the day he goes to school.  Neither should he be fed technology and TV games before he can talk.  We don’t see it now and think, it is entertainment and actually innocent.  The ability to read opens the limitless possibilities of their minds.  Especially in our beautiful country today.  It is not only mere enough to qualify with a magic certificate and complete a four-year degree.

As South Africans, we need not only to think out of the box, but we need to live outside of the box.  The mind, beautiful mind has given us life through the gift of imagination.  Take for instance the famous South African author, Jann Weeratunga, who through her pirate series inspires so many children that if you are different, it is wonderful and even though it might be challenging, there is a place for your beautiful soul and mind in this world.  It also teaches us that our friends and family of paraplegic people to be inspired and loved because they face life head on, believing nothing can stop them from doing and achieving their dreams.  We learn this through books, the stories of others.

Another author is Christina Harman and Fatuma Abdullah.  They are both “little people’s” authors.  What I mean is that they write for the pre-schoolers.  But they can’t read, you say!  Yeah, that is exactly what I am saying.  We, you and me, are the parents, the grandparents and we are the ones to start the trend, the love and fun there is in finding your own story in the pages of a book.

Fatuma’s books take you on a journey through South Africa and culture.  It is lovely and adventurous, more than enough to make a little reader an adamant one in the future.  Christina takes children into the world of animals, what they look like, what they sound like with an amazing animated collage book with illustrations of the animals with their names.

Robbie Cheadle takes the children onto a culinary adventure where fondant cake figures come to life and you get lost in their world of sweets.  At the end of each story, there is a recipe or two that turns your little reader into a Masterchef.

Sabine’s book, the Moonling tells the story about the first moon landing that occurred in  1969.  Beautiful pictures show the reader what the first spacecraft looked like, the first spaceship launch, original equipment and gear used and then this little piece of rock comes to life and tells a little boy all about the moon.

Soraya Hendricks is another brilliant author who warns children about that friendly stranger and to listen to mom and dad when we try to keep them safe.  But is soo much more than that?  The book is aimed at the middle school reader and takes them on an unforgettable adventure, into a new world and infuses the imagination with characters from beyond this world.  A good read indeed.

Why am I writing about other authors?  Why not myself or international authors?  Good! I thought you would never ask.  These are some of the top South African authors that take this beautiful country and the children of our rainbow nations very serious.  They are zealous and ambitions.  We, together with Kim Hunter and a few other authors, took this job seriously and started the Reading Road Show.  Actually, it is the baby of Jann Weeratunga and Kim Hunter, but we joined forces and we need you and your school to invite us to get in there.  We read the books and stories we have written, we act it out and make the children to fall in love with books, stories, to find their imagination.

The most powerful tool and gift that you can ever give your kid is love, true, but to unlock their imagination is love.  You as the parent, the grandparent enable them to find a way in another world when life gets a bit rough, to run somewhere and seek answers when this world seems a little vague and unclear.

The amazing, beautiful minded authors of this beautiful country carry the love, the culture, the compassion, adventure and imagination with them and put it all in a magic book, a tool, a treasure for your child to find and be enlightened.  Be enriched and encouraged to live this beautiful life, because not only will they be inspired but it will show and flow to those around them.

We need the support and help of schools, teachers, principals, parents, grandparents, anyone who can read.  Please support the Reading Road Show.  For further information feel free to contact the authors or the organizers personally or you can leave a comment below.

We also support underprivileged schools and raise funds and sponsorships so donate books to these schools.  Our aim is to give the power back to the children.  So if they don’t have a library, we build them one and fill it with books. We would also like to sponsor books and literacy tools to a teacher so they can excel in their school and class.

If you know about schools like this in Johannesburg, please drop me a name or link.

Today I am leaving my books out because I feel the need to support these amazing authors.  I am the author of the Salome and Gogo series which is at Skoobs and love books, soon to be in Cape Town and other retail outlets.  Drop me a message if you would like to know more.

Have fabulous week peeps and moms.  Remember, reading allows you to also spend time with your children in today’s rushed lifestyle.  It enables you to learn to know your child, to have a little view of the world through their eyes, and that is the most beautiful gift to me.

Love, love……


Author info:

Jann Weeratunga.

Cora Groenewald.

Soraya Hendricks.

Christina Harman.

Fatuma Abdullah.

Robbie Cheadle.

Sabine Lechmacher




Support local authors and share a review

This new path that  I am undertaking is exciting and seems glamorous.  But it is exactly the opposite.  I do what I do to make a difference, to be the difference I need in this world.  It is easy to ask everyone around us to change to our ‘high standards’ and unmet expectations.  We need to be the change we want to see in the world.  This, unfortunately, is easier said than done, but I believe if you care enough, then it is worth it.

A wise man once said, if you really want to do something, if you care enough to do that something you want to.  Then you will make time for that thing.  Whatever it is.  This is the same with everything in life.  Your dreams, losing weight, being a good writer, a mother, a father, a friend.  Whatever that important thing might that feeds your soul.

I always wanted to be a mother, above a career.  And I am so blessed to be able to do that and be that.  But, motherhood is not easy, I had to grow up fast.  I had to realize just how selfish I was, that I need to set aside my desires for a while because this little precious human needs me.  This is my journey and my experience that I choose to share with you.  Whether you are a career woman and mother or stay at home mother.  Life, marriage and everything else costs you something.  Time, energy etc.

Being an author, and a mother, there is not much time for writing.  But I will never have these moments again and I do make some time for both.  The thing is we romanticize being an author or novelist.  And that is correct.  You are in for the long hall.  Most successful multi bestseller authors, only get discovered by their third or fifth book.  Like they call an ABC writer.  Apply but to the chair.  Write and write and write.  Keep on until you find your style.  Patience and more patience and find the reader to read your book and then spread the news.  You need a team.  Whether you are an Indie author or traditional author.  Get readers, get an editor, a cover artist, proofread and edit some more and write some more and edit some more.  You need professionals to help you even if you are the best author on earth.

You also need to find your audience.  Also, write for yourself, if you will read your own book, then you will probably find someone who will also read it.  Your readers are just as important as writing the book.  In the end, as a successful author, you want your book to end up in the hands of the reader.  Another thing that you can contemplate doing, gives the book away as a gift to a few readers, but ask a review in return.

Let me tell you a little story.  Jann Weeratunga and I visited Assumption Convent School in Germiston, about a week ago.  One girl struggled to read and therefore was not very fond of reading.  So, Jann spoke to a little bit, sharing about the wonder of reading and finding your own imagination, making the story what you thought it to be.

Needless to say, towards the end of the afternoon, she dragged her mother to our table and her mom bought the whole set.  The Polly series.   Jann also asked her to do a review for her once she is done with the books.  The following afternoon, we were there again, on our post.  The same girl ran to Jann’s table, and excitedly explained that she is halfway through the first book and she will be delighted to do a review for her.  This girl, beautiful and confident, was too ashamed to read and to share stories with others.  Within a day, a total change was evident.   To others, this might seem like a small thing, but to us authors, it makes it worthwhile.  We feel that what we are doing is important and word by word, page by page, we will build confidence and change lives.

So, mom, dad, grandparents, when you buy a book, leave a review.  We ask kindly.

Thanks for reading.  Until next time, Salome and Gogo love.


Cora Groenewald

Sowetan Urban Legend

Lately there has been a rumour going around, Soweto and Jozi.  I don’t know if you have heard?  It is quite strange and frightening. I must say.

How do I go about telling you?  Would you actually believe me or should you rather see it for yourself?

Apparently there is this little girl, very sharp and her best friend is kind of old. How quirky is that, right?  Well, these two have been painting the town red!

Eating and dancing and doing face paint! Crazy right?

Well how about taking a ride in a Pink taxi?  I didn’t know you actually could find a Pink taxi in Jozi.

Go find out for yourself!


It is even on Amazon!! Just go and see for yourself!  Maybe you will believe!!

Screenshot 2017-11-12_00-04-36.png



Have a great read and share the cheer!

Cora Groenewald



Salome & Gogo

Many of you might not know what or who is “Salome & Gogo”.  Let me enlighten you then.  Salome & Gogo is my new children’s book series.  An unusual name for a children’s book.  A unique title for a unique story.  It would be silly for me to review my own book, obviously it will be considered bias.

I am an author, wife and mother living in the beautiful country of South Africa.  Now the book was not written regarding any culture or race.  It is well known that we (South Africans) are part of the rainbow nation. We are a nation full of love, music and so many different cultures that portray mutual respect for one another and the feeling in general is that we embrace one another for who we are.

Woefully, to say South Africa was not seen in high regard by the rest of the world according to the media and newspapers.  Yes, we have a lot of problems, maybe more than other countries, also we currently don’t have a good image, but being a part of this nation, this country it is evident to say that the majority of South Africans suffer and pray together.

We love and laugh, we are mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  All of us work hard and feel the economical knock.  But we have heart, soul.  Africa is in our blood, the dust and African air is like the skin on our bodies and breath in our lungs.

Living in Johannesburg or ‘Jozi’, most mothers have to work, because of the high standard of living, right?  No, everyone feels the pressure, the bills heaping up. Not only in our country but all over the planet.  In this we are the same.

Many mothers have to employ someone else to take care of our treasures, our kids while we are slaving away all day.  Specific to where I stay, many friends and family members employ qualified and specialised people to take care of our children at home, while we embark on the journey early every morning to earn a living to give the best to our family.

My book is about such an amazing lady, named ‘Gogo’.  In Zulu, one of South Africa’s native languages, ‘Gogo’ means grandmother.  In my story, the nanny taking care of the little girl, Salome, is an elderly lady who has to work to support her children and grand children.  In many homes in South Africa this is the case, many children stay home with the nanny during the day because they only go to preschool at the age of two to three years old.  It is not always the case.

This lady, ‘Gogo’, in my story stays in a city, Soweto, just on the out skirts of Johannesburg.  Everyday she gets up before dawn and gets into a taxi(small colourful mini buses), local transport in South Africa, to be in time so that the mother can leave for work. She stays with the little girl the whole day, plays with her, teaches her things and sometimes cleans the house as well.  ‘Gogo’ is part of the family and she sacrifices her family time, her time and life to take care of the little girl.  Salome and Gogo are best friends and do almost everything together.


“Gogo” is used as a universal figure representing all caregivers.  For young children and even older folks. It is a very special heart that can put aside all personal interests and agenda’s to put someone else first for the whole day, everyday.  These souls, special people are sent from heaven, to share love, compassion and kindness beyond measure.

Also in the spirit of recent events in South Africa, if you have seen the news and headlines.  Some caregivers take advantage and abuse little children which is against my beliefs and makes me so angry.  They are so innocent and loveable then adults hurt them and take advantage which was never theirs, no one’s to take.

There are numerous, countless stories of love and care and commitment of ‘Gogo’s’ giving their love and time to make our lives easier as mothers, fathers, to run our households in our absence.  I am lucky to be blessed beyond measure to be a stay at home mother, but my sister in law has an amazing ‘Gogo’ who helps her with a toddler and a baby, as with so many other families in South Africa.


Salome & Gogo is a celebration that stretches beyond race and colour, it intertwines cultures and is universal to any ‘Gogo’.  We need the older generation in the lives of the younger, they are beacons of light and wisdom to ensure the next generation excels us, do better, are better, love more, risk more, give more, care more.  TO LEAP and build further on the foundation that has been laid.


Here is my ‘Gogo’ or grandmother who attended my book launch at Skoobs, Montecasino, Johannesburg.  With her permission I added this pic. She is Anna Groenewald from Koster, and is 88 years old. This amazing lady knows when my kids have a birthday, and event at school, she has a Facebook account where she follows all her grandchildren in all their endeavours as well as an iPad. She also Skypes family in Australia from time to time.

My story is universal and personal.  It hits home for so many people in South Africa.  There are many stories out there, all unique in nature and of value, but ‘Salome & Gogo’ celebrates the influence the older generation has on the younger, the love and time they give to the little ones which across generations and cultures has always been valued by all.


Visit Skoobs, or buy my book on Amazon, and be a part of this amazing South African story where two friends share their worlds, love and friendship as they embark on an unforgettable journey.

Thank you for being a part of my story, for reading my posts. IF you are so privileged to still have a ‘Gogo’ of your own or an elderly figure in your life, treat them, bless them and appreciate them.  They are priceless and are still of value and so easily forgotten by the fast pace culture of the 21st century.


Cora Groenewald





Getting Published

Yeah, this time it is my turn.  Whoohoo!

It is exciting and terrifying in the same breath.  Yes, I am a published children’s author.  I would also like to share a bit of the journey because it is not at all as glamorous as it sounds.  Well worth it, every step of the way.

Let me inform you that you learn quite a lot about yourself as a human that your writing talents and technical skills.

It has always been a dream, since childhood, to become a published author.  Yet, I never anticipated the reality that it might manifest in any stage of my life.

My children love books, I love books and it is probably the first thing I spend money on.  But have you seen the market these days?  It is paperback, hardcover, ebook, audiobook etc?  The effort and the expenses, and if you do it all yourself, it is endless frustration, judge learning curve, etc, etc.

To be frank, the most amazing part of this journey was the people that I met, and am still meeting. The people who made it, international bestsellers, they are humble enough to share their time and patience and experience.  Freely!  Say what?  Yeah, Freely!

Amazing.  Well, I have to go to bed to get some beauty sleep, because there are about a week and a half left until the book launch.

Hope I see you there!


Salome Gogo invite